PYAC’S History:

In December of 1989 the Philomath City Council appointed a Youth Development Committee to study community youth needs and to establish a summer activities program. The committee recommended an initial association with the Corvallis Boys and Girls Club. In 1994 PYAC incorporated, hired its first staff member and began serving over 600 youth in various youth sports programs as well as in a state certified childcare program. In 1997 a survey indicated youth interest in more non-athletic activities. After two years of running the Youth Center out of rented buildings, the Clemens Foundation granted P.Y.A.C. seed money in the amount of $160,000 to start a capital campaign to build a permanent home for P.Y.A.C. Two years, countless volunteer hours and $713,000.00 dollars later the new facility opened it’s doors in March of 2001. This marked a dramatic change in the organization. Rather than being one dimensional in our program delivery, we now could take a comprehensive approach to youth activities.


PYAC’S significance to the community of Philomath:


The Philomath Youth Activities Club (PYAC) is the sole source of youth activities outside of the school. When you think about the fact that on average public schools meet for 6 hours a day 180 days per year, that leaves 185 days and several hours each day for non-school activities. During the afternoon hours rates of juvenile crime triple, and many unsupervised youngsters experiment with tobacco, alcohol, drugs and sex. Thus, here at PYAC, we are committed to the value of providing positive, safe, educational and recreational opportunities to the youth in our community. Our philosophy is very simple the more constructive uses kids have for their time, the less destructive activities they will get involved in.