For the past several years the PYAC board has put on work clothes, rolled up their sleeves and done a ton of work to help support our organizations mission.  Perhaps one of the most challenging yet most rewarding fundraisers that we do is cut, split, and sell firewood.  What started as a modest project in 2001 with only 4 cords sold has now grown into a project that has sold over 380 cords in the past eleven years!  This year we have a goal of matching last years 54 cord total!  If you would like to be involved in this project (donate wood, equipment or time) please call or email us to let us know. To order wood simply call PYAC (541) 929-4040 or email at


2017Products & Prices:


Seasoned Oak/Ash  $260.00  
Seasoned Mix (Maple, Fir, Oak, Ash) $225.00
Seasoned Fir or Maple or mix  $190.00 


We will deliver one Saturday in October 2017, TBA

Thanks so much to our Firewood Project sponsors: