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Welcome to the "Coaches Corner" this section of our webpage will be dedicated to providing our volunteer coaches the resources that they need to do the very best that they can in coaching their teams.  Our organization believes very strongly that the title "coach" is one of the most prestegious positions there are, when it comes to working with our youth. 

Senate Bill 721-01-01-14 was passed this year.  This law has been passed in the state of Oregon. It will be come and mandatory for all coaches to take a concussion certification in order to coach in the state of Oregon. Coaches in all sports and levels must take the course, print of a certificate of completeion and turn it into the PYAC office to be filed with their coaches application.


The law also requires coaches to hold affected kids out of their sport -- until they're cleared by a doctor.  "Coaches ... don't have to say 'I know you had a concussion,'" said Laurel Kirby at Providence Medical Center. "They just suspect it, and then have to take them out. This law draws that line when kids have to come out of practice or play."Jenna's Law expands on a 2009 bill signed by the governor called "Max's Law." That one only applied to high school coaches and the athletes they train.


Here is a link for free training:



Coaches Certification Options:


All PYAC coaches are strongly encouraged to take initiative to improve thsir coaching skills.  With this in mind we recommend the following three possibilities for coaches training/certifications.  All three offer web based trainings that can be completed at your pace and on your schedule.  Any coach that completes one of these certifications and brings their certificate into PYAC will have thier childs next sport registration fee waived! (American Sport Education Program) (National Aliance for Youth Sports) (National Federation of High School Sports)

Coaches resource list
Click here to view various coaches resources (books, DVD's, and yes even VHS :) that PYAC has available for coaches to check out and use!
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General Coaching Resources

Making youth sports a positive experienc[...]
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Basketball Coaches Resources

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Softball Coaching Resources

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